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"A rollicking good time in high octane fashion, (Luca) knows how to let the good times roll"


" Great lyrics with a strong voice and fine

playing makes you realize this is a

very talented singer-songwriter.”


" He’s got the beat,
feel and vibe"


Piano and Hammond Organ virtuoso Luca Kiella releases his second album “Ready For You” on Cypress Road Productions.

Following the 2019 debut EP “Figure It Out” that was well received worldwide by critics, radios, and fans, the new work features 12 original songs showcasing fresh and unapologetic songwriting with stories about love, heartache, hardships, and today’s society.

Recipient of the 2019 Blues Music Award with The Welch Ledbetter Connection, Luca Kiella features in the new record one of Chicago’s finest rhythm sections and powerful horns lead by Bonerama’s trombonist Mark Mullins, recorded at New Orleans’ historic Esplanade Studios.


With the combination of soul, funk, and blues, “Ready For You” presents a diverse and vibrant sound from start to finish.

The album opens with the funky and groovy “Till Tomorrow”, the first single of the record. The biographical tune deals with the chaotic and overbearing stresses of today’s frantic world and the desire to take a much-needed break. The official videoclip of the song is released with the launch of the album.

“Here No More” is a funk-rock tune that dives deep into the world of immigration, describing escapism from hardships and the feeling of being rejected from unwelcoming countries. It features punchy horns and a strong and earnest piano solo.

“I Hate My Boss” brings you down to New Orleans with a second line beat and unapologetic lyrics filled with humor about that one boss in everyone’s life that makes people's existences unnecessarily miserable.

“Desperate Train To Nowhere” slows down with its soul-pop atmosphere, telling the story of two people in love who cannot stop moving forward despite having two separate destinations.

The diverse album explores traditional blues moods with “Wanna Love You Tonight”, as well as rock grooves with “Misstep”, the latest with a superb trombone solo by Mark Mullins.

"Ready For You” also features strings on the pop-infused tune “A True Connection”, where Luca reflects on the current times of uncertainty and lack of human interactions, as well as on the ballad “Is There Any Love Left For Me?”. Both songs plunge into slow and heartfelt sounds that echo the desire of meaningful connections.

Luca Kiella’s diverse and mature work showcases visceral songwriting, tight grooves, and an expertise on the piano and Hammond Organ that will touch the feelings of any blues, funk, and soul lover.

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